This is the main Theme Song Of My Life As A Popat.

Lyrics (Series One):

Anand P, O, P, A T's (Spelling out popat) the name and one thing I've learnt is family's a strange! My little brother's a pain and my sister's insane! They want to drive me insane to keep me da' range yo! Dad's always playing the fool, trying to be the king of comedy 'cause he thinks he's really cool! And my mum never leaves me alone! She means well, but she acts like I'm still in primary school! Yo! WIthout my fantasies life's a bore, sometimes I wanna run away with the girl next door! Holly, I think she's really great, her family's mad too so she can really relate, yo. We might be from different traditions, but take away a family and I know we'd really miss 'em! It's just my life as a Popat, and I wouldn't want to stop that! Oh Na (very quietly)